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September 19th, 1999

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Hello! This is the second release of PokeNintendo. In this new release, we've added:

  • Two more NES emulators
  • Two more SNes emulators
  • Included the Game Boy Advance info in the left part
  • Included a counter (soon more!)
  • Added a trainer badge (on the right part)
  • Added a new Review (Mystical Ninja)

New Nemu64 Release: 0.6

The developers of this excellent emulator have released a new version, 0.6. Resuming: much more compatiblity, sound now works ok, the eeproms are much better, the resolutions work now ok, and the graphics look a lot better. You can get the complete scoop at their site. Currently, you can download this version just by clicking here.

New SNes9XW Release: 1.24

Another version of the best Win9x snes emulator has been released. Get it here.

Hasbro buys WOTC

Hasbro, the famous toy company, has bought for $325 million Wizards of the Coast, so they now own the Magic: The Gathering, the Pokemon TCG... hmm, what'll they do now? :)

Microsoft rumor

This isn't related with this site, but I think it's important. There's a rumor that says that Microsoft is working on a new console (heh heh, back to the MSX times... :) ) that has the key name "X-Box". People say it will be released in the final months of the next year. It will have a 500MHz CPU and a nVIDIA 3D chip (it's supposed to be the GForce, a 256-bit card that it's currently in development).
I hope they won't buy any console gaming company... :)

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